Swing Trading Strategies

1. Track Insider Buys

Individuals that work for a company will have knowledge of the direction of the company and upcoming news that may benefit the stock.

Use OpenInsider.com to view recent trades.

Perform due diligence and look for a catalyst that may cause this to jump. In some cases it may be an earnings report or other news that's no released.

If you see a "cluster buy" of a specific stock by several insiders, that's a very good sign that the stock is going to go up.

2. Check portfolios of successful firms:

Gather a list of investment firms that publicly release their current holdings.

A good example of this is Ark Invest. When they publicly add a stock to their portfolio the confidence in the stock goes up. If you can catch the initial announcement you should consider placing an order.

On their website you can see all of their holdings by sector and see what they are adding or taking out over time to their portfolio.

Just click on the pdf links and check out their daily update on holding of various stocks.

Obviously do your own due diligence but this is a good place to start scanning for favourable stocks.

Check out an example that Zip Trader Youtube channel used to uncover DraftKings as a good stock pick for medium length swing trade pick:

3. Scan TradingView for Strong Buys

I like to use the following filter on Trading View:
Stock Price: $2.50-$15
Rating: Strong Buy
Market Cap: 1B+

4. Social Trading Meme Stonks with WallStreetBets

Check out the daily best of post each day and pay specific attenting to the DD (due diligence) section for the best research posted that day. You may get tipped off of a swing or short squeeze coming up.

The user that started the Gamestop short squeeze presented his thesis and started what became a massive new event in early 2021. His reddit username is u/DeepFuckingValue.

Other Resources To Check Out:

- https://www.warriortrading.com/swing-trading-strategies/

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