Swing Trading Strategies

By Eric B | February 4, 2021

1. Track Insider Buys Individuals that work for a company will have knowledge of the direction of the company and upcoming news that may benefit the stock. Use OpenInsider.com to view recent trades. Perform due diligence and look for a catalyst that may cause this to jump. In some cases it may be an earnings…

How to Run Paid Traffic For Clients

By Eric B | July 10, 2019

rocket Knowledgebase: (Paid Traffic/Content Courses) Agency Checklist Google Sheet DMLab Elite Workshops1. Content Marketing Course by Digital Marketer  2. Paid Traffic Justin BrookeAdskills CoursesRetargeting Recipes Kindle Book Klient Boost: Free Online Resources Paid Training Courses Setup a trello board called “PPC Operations” This will serve as your main hub for adding in new clients. In…

How To Get iPhone Screen Repair Leads Using Facebook Ads

By Eric B | May 21, 2019

Let’s get some iPhone Repair Leads If you implement this guide, your repair shop will have a customer acquisition system that you can turn on and off to get iphone screen repair leads on demand from facebook whenever you choose. In early 2019, google banned cell phone repair companies from using certain keywords on google…

Learn. Take Action. Repeat. Scale.


PBN Butler Press Release

Sales Funnel

Meetup: "Acquire Local Customers For Your Business" (Advanced)

Qualify/Get Budget

Present Proposal

Follow-up to close.


Section 1: Money Getting

Hustle Methods' Step-by-Step Money Making Guides:

How to Earn Recurring Income With Adwords-Only Management Contracts (Easiest)

How To Sell Leads To A Local Business With Paid Advertising then Upsell To SEO Lead-Gen Site (Easiest)

How To Sell Leads To A Local Business SEO Lead-Gen Site Only (Easiest)

Sell A Non-existant Lead Generation Site To A Local Business (Gangster Level)

How to Earn Recurring Income With Monthly SEO Contracts (Medium Difficulty)

How To Sell A Private Label Product On Amazon & Beyond (Hard, Long)

How To Sell Products On Shopify (Hard, Long)

Create and Sell Software [SAAS] (Long Term, Very Hard)


How to get a new site headed up the serps fast!

800-1500 Words on ranking page.
1) brand accounts and profiles (naked urls)
2) press release (naked and brand url)
3) assorted web 2 and media sharing links (brand url)
4) guest post (exact and lsi)
5) IFTTT and social signals
6) PBNs / high PA links to guest posts.
7) Tiered link building to social accounts. How about 7
8) Blog 8 Times Month 1. 4 Times Month 2. 2 times a month ongoing.

Hustle Methods' Standard Operating Procedures [SOP's]:

#1 [SEOLEADGEN] How To Rank A Local Lead Generation Website & Google Maps Listing In Canada

- Rank A Lead Generation/Maps Site (SEO/Ranking Local/Canada)

- Rank A Client Site

- Generate Leads With Ads &Landing Pages.

- Generate Leads With Ads, But Also Rank The Landing Pages as A Lead Gen/Maps Site.

- Facebook Ads

- How to Setup A Website

Documents Should contain the following sections:

- Checklist (Asana with links to tasks)

- Resources

- Estimated Time To Complete

- Outsourcing Options

How To Use These SOP’s

You or your employees should be able to take an Asana task list and have everything scheduled out with SOP linked instruction down to every detail on how to complete tasks.

Section 2: Fitness/Diet Optimization

Section 3: Mental Optimization

Hustle Methods' Motivation Resources:

List of Books For Entrepreneurs

Section 4: Productivity

Training & Resources: Adwords

Training & Resources: SEO


Mike Pedesta (Money Content Writer)

WordPress Malware Removal (Floyd Recommended) https://www.fiverr.com/sachinmaster

Affiliate Networks: Approved

High Metric Domains/Link Swaps/Rental/PBN Builders

SEO Gurus

Dino Gomez Dynamik 365  (MastermindYoutube ChannelBlog)

WEBRIS / Ryan Stewart (Youtube, )

Super-Affilliate Gurus


HubSpot CRM


Chet Ultimate Sales Machine https://player.vimeo.com/video/171640134

THE CORE STORY:  Free Consultation


http://www.text-tools.net/ Chaz Uses to analyze what word and density should be used.

Keyword Grouper

SEO Chat Tools http://tools.seochat.com