Prospecting Methods. (Target Qualified Business Owners)

Fake Audit Cold Email

  1. Tell Them You Did An Audit On Their Site

Subject line:

You need to see this.
I thought you should see this.

Strange Question.

Who Do I Contact

Are you aware of this?

2. If They respond, send them an audit

3. Follow-up Until They Book A Consultation

Partner With Web Design/Social Media Agencies

Meetup Method

Create A Meetup, Educate A Bunch Of People on SEO.

Teach them why they need SEO, why it's important, how its an asset and why they would want it.

Have them apply in-person or online form or schedule call.

Meetup Event Title: "Acquire Local Customers For Your Business" (Advanced)

Event Description:

This Meetup is sponsored by Drip Apps ( - And hosted by the CEO & founder, Wyatt Jozwowski. We're going to cover customer/client acquisition, search engine optimization, advertising, retargeting, and overall digital marketing that can help grow your local business. We'll be focusing on the search engines and how you can drive organic, local traffic in the Tampa area. This Meetup is NOT for beginners, or small businesses that are just starting out. This will be an advanced Meetup for local businesses that want to grow, drive more revenue, and are ready to acquire more customers.


Event Categories:

Small Business · Marketing · Business · Online Marketing · Professional Networking · Small Business Marketing Strategy · Business Strategy · Digital Marketing · SEO (Search Engine Optimization) · Small Business Online Marketing


Other tips to grow your meetup group.


Reach out to other meetup owners and see if they'll share your group.

Reach out to other facebook groups about meetup.

Use facebook ads.


Send a cold email or direct social message.

Cold Email Example:
Hey I came across your site and noticed some things that are wrong with your site that are pretty easy to fix. Just shoot me a reply and I'll send those over to you.

Reply Email: Send an audit video with fixes.

Call To Action: Book A 15 minute Call

Lumpy Mail


3D Mail results

Step 1: Send them something educational or get them to request the education.

Step 2: Get them to book a consultation.


Finding Emails

Facebook Groups

Ask for a review in fb group.

Post proof in facebook groups.