How To Get iPhone Screen Repair Leads Using Facebook Ads

Let’s get some iPhone Repair Leads

If you implement this guide, your repair shop will have a customer acquisition system that you can turn on and off to get iphone screen repair leads on demand from facebook whenever you choose.

In early 2019, google banned cell phone repair companies from using certain keywords on google ads. We saw a dramatic decrease in our overall ad spend and leads coming from google ads.

We had to find an alternative

In order to survive the industry wide ban, we knew we had to look to another platform to get leads.

We tested many lead generation funnels and here’s one that worked to keep customers coming in.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Ad Account
  • Registered Domain (here is our guide for choosing and registering a domain name)
  • Hosting (We use WPX. Here’s our guide for setting up wordpress hosting)
  • WordPress
  • Landing Page Builder (we use Thrive Architect or BeaverBuilder)
  • Email Marketing Software (we use mailchimp)
  • Shop Owners Email Address

Step 1: Create Your iPhone Repair Contest Name and Rules

  • Create a contest name. In our case we created “Free iPhone Repair Friday.” The idea, is to offer a free iphone screen repair via an ad on facebook. User will see an ad, opt in on facebook for the chance to win a free iphone repair. The free iPhone repair happens on the last friday of every month.

  • Once users sign up on facebook, the lead information is sent to the iphone repair shops main email and the owner calls to let them know they can come in immediately for a discounted repair and if they win the contest, the shop will e transfer them the total amount of the repair. Alternatively they can wait until then end of the month and see if they win.

  • Copy our rules or create you own.

  • Now that you have a contest name and rules in place, it’s time to setup your email marketing software.

Step 2: Setup an Email List to Collect Contestant Contact Information

For this repair shop, we are using mailchimp.

Create or login to your mailchimp account.

Click audiences > create audience

Enter details:

Audience name

From Email and Name

Note: we chose to not enable double opt-in.

Step 3: Setup Your Contest Entry Welcome Email With Bonus Offer

Once user subscribe to your contest we want to send them a confirmation email that also lets them know they can get their phone repaired immediately and be refunded the total repair amount if they win.

In mailchimp, click campaigns > create new campaign > email > automated > send welcome message.

Create a subject line. Ours was:  Contect Entry Confirmed. [Bonus Offer Inside]

Create email content: Here’s what our looks like:

Step 4: Create Your Contest Entry Form

In mailchimp,

> go to audiences.

> Choose the Free iPhone Repair Contest audience.

> On the right side drop down menu select sign up forms.

> Click on form builder. Add sections of information to your form. IN our case here’s the detail we chose to collect with our form:

>If you wish to change the button name from Subscribe (probably a good idea.) Go to the “translate it” tab and enter a new value for the subscribe field. Go with something a little more congruent with the form, like “enter contest”

Step 4: Create Your Contest Landing Page

If you don’t have a website you can simply send people to your mailchimp form share link. However, I highly recommend you build this out on your website. The traffic may browse other offers on your site, you can track traffic with google analytics and you can retarget users that click through to your site in the future.

  • Login into your wordpress website and create a new page. Name your page after your contest. In this case we went with the url /free-iphone-repair-contest. We chose to not include the word friday in case we switch this up in the future.
  • Launch Thrive Architect > add custom html element.
  • Add your form to the page. Go into mailchimp signup forms > click embed form > copy html code and paste into thrive architect custom html.
  • Add a title and contest rules to the page

Step 5: Create Your Facebook Post/Ad Content

Step 6: Setup your ads

Step 7: Call Your Leads as they come in!

Step 8: Draw Your contest Winner

Step 9: Email your list, let them know their a winner but they won’t be left empty handed. Offer them a discount to come in or some other bonus.


  1. Andrew on November 16, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    So whats your target audience? Ive ran this ad at $12 a lead but wasnt too good for me. Im assuming its my targeting which is anyone ages 25-46, lives in the area of a 5 mile radius and has a interest in consumer electronics, plus ive tried without the interest and it produces the same results. comparing my results to your around what cost are you seeing per lead?

    Thanks in advanced for you help and for the amazing article.

    • Eric B on November 20, 2019 at 3:51 pm

      Hey Andrew, target: owns iphone in facebook ads manager and make the ad for iphone specifically.(or android) Test a ton of different images until you get it to around $5 or less per lead. Go younger with the audience as well. Teens and early 20s are very social and a day without their phone is a crisis so definitely include them. The creative will still burn out fast since it’s a local area so when you get images made order/create extras so you always have the next image to go to if you your current winner burns out. I would open up your radius a bit more, keep an eye on frequency as well.

      • Andrew on January 21, 2020 at 8:26 pm

        Will give this another try today and update with any progress. Do you recommend testing out different placement as well? What’s your thought on this? And also facebook just released search targeting as we’ll id love an article that goes more in depth on it. Thanks for the reply!

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