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Swing Trading Strategies

1. Track Insider Buys Individuals that work for a company will have knowledge of the direction of the company and upcoming news that may benefit the stock. Use to view recent trades. Perform due diligence and look for a catalyst that may cause this to jump. In some cases it may be an earnings…

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How to Run Paid Traffic For Clients

rocket Knowledgebase: (Paid Traffic/Content Courses)Agency Checklist Google SheetDMLab Elite Workshops1. Content Marketing Course by Digital Marketer 2. Paid TrafficJustin BrookeAdskills CoursesRetargeting Recipes Kindle BookKlient Boost:Free Online ResourcesPaid Training Courses Setup a trello board called “PPC Operations” This will serve as your main hub for adding in new clients.In this board create 3 columns:PPC Operations Trello BoardAdmin/TeamLive…

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How To Get iPhone Screen Repair Leads Using Facebook Ads

Let’s get some iPhone Repair Leads If you implement this guide, your repair shop will have a customer acquisition system that you can turn on and off to get iphone screen repair leads on demand from facebook whenever you choose. In early 2019, google banned cell phone repair companies from using certain keywords on google…

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