How To Rank A Local Lead Generation/Google Maps Site In Canada


  • You should have a niche picked out already by now and tested paid traffic to make sure it’s profitable instantly.
  • You should have leads already being sent to a company from adwords traffic being sent to a landing page.
  • Ideally, you have a deal in place with a company to do their adwords for about $300/month with their credit card on file. Explain to them for $600 a month you will do adwords but also rank a lead generation site OR just rank the lead gen site anyway so you have a valuable asset long term.
  • It’s probably best to communicate that you will rank the site and sell them the traffic cheaper then adwords OR they can invest now for when it does rank.
  • Alternative approach: Get a flat rental fee of about $750/month spend 350 on adwords until your ranked and don’t need it.

This method is used to rank local lead generating property in order to send phone calls and emails to a small business. These can be rented out monthly or on a pay per lead basis.


Niche Research

Niche Validation/PPC Testing

Create Master Word Doc

Decide Business Owners Name & Details

Create Gmail Account

Month 1 Essentials Checklist

Phase 1A: Initial Setup

Sprint Time: 1-4 Days

Initial setup tasks to get out the way immediately. Some things should be setup to index and require waiting time. Complete everything in this phase as quickly as possible to make sure your ahead of schedule.

Create A New Project in Asana

Master File Creation

Basic Business Entity Setup

Create Logo

Setup 1-Page Website

Obtain Call Tracking Phone Number

Send Google Maps Verification Card

Send Bing Verification Card

Phase 1B: Things To Do While Waiting For Verification Card

7 Days

Gather/Create 40+ Photographs

Submit Photos to GMB

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Deep Keyword Research

Map Keywords by pages/ad groups.

Optimize Main Company Images

Improve Website Trust Factors

Web20 Social Ring of Trust

Submit Yelp

Optimize Yelp






Prepare Information Bulk For Citations

Phase 1C: After Verification Cards Comes

7 days

Write Homepage Content

CONTACT CLIENT: Email Completed Citations List To Client/Explain Marketing Calls

Google Maps Optimization


Disable Comments

Google XML Sitemap

Create 16 Blog Topical Keyword Interlinking Plan

Create 16 PBN Link Anchor Text Plan

Chris Winters On-Page Strategy

Web20Ranker On-Page Factors Check

Matt Diggity On-Page Factors Check

LPB On-Page Factors Check

Setup Pro-Rank Tracker Keywords

Submit all photos to multiple high authority sites. Stephen Floyd Geo.tag.online training.

Months 2-6 Tasks To Rank Site

Minimum Requirements

16+ PBN Links

16+ Blog Posts

16+ Social Posts w/Link

10-15 Google Reviews

Adwords Or Crowdsearch

Ongoing Sprints - Free Backlog Options

Create A Page For Each Keyword Group

16 Blog Post

16 PBN Post

Web20Ranker Google Authority Stacking

About Page

Contact Page

Testimonials Page

Google Reviews

Google+ My Business Post

Facebook Reviews

Social Stacking (James Upjohn/Ranking Rabbit)

On-Page Optimization

Syndicated Blogging/IFTTT: Chaz VA Training

Video Lead Generation

Conversion Optimization

Get More Citations

Rank Parasite

Post for free on http://patch.com

Contributor guest Post on huffington post.

Ongoing Sprints - Cheap Paid Backlog Options

Create Media For Each Page For Links (Video/Image/Podcast)

Youtube Video Syndication

Video Submission Links

Google My Maps Creation + Embeds

Yelp Image Upload Plus GSA/FCS Gig

Image Links

Google Maps Embeds

Pinterest Video Embed

.Gov Redirects + FCS/GSA Gig

Buy FCS/GSA Gig to citations, social accounts, pbn's and/or Web 2.0s (James Upjohn says safe)

Ongoing Sprints - Expensive Paid Backlog Options

Crowdsearch.me Campaign

Press Release

Rent/Buy PBN Links

More Paid Advertising

PBN Backlog (For Asana)

PBN Link 1

PBN Link 2

PBN Link 3

PBN Link 4

PBN Link 5

PBN Link 6

PBN Link 7

PBN Link 7

Blog Post Backlog (For Asana)

Blog Post 1

Blog Post 2

Outsourcing Links

Site Maintenance

KPI Goals (Key Performance Indicators):

Main Keyword Ranking #1
Several Keywords in Top Ten.
Get 5-15 Five Star Reviews or more then your competition on Google Maps.
Get 80+ Citations.
Get 20+ Solid PBN links.
Have Complete Content.

Have More Leads Then company Can Handle.

Random Resources To Remember:

Google Drive Link-Building Resources

Local Profit Breakthrough Course

Local Client Takeover Free Course

Semantic Mastery Course

Project Supremacy (advanced Schema/JSON-LD)

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